Our top news headlines of the week including how blockchain can save the planet and solve emerging industry problems, as well as how international corporations are adopting the technology.

Our top news headlines of the week

Separating blockchain from BitcoinCoin Rivet
We are finally arriving at the point where blockchain technology adoption is becoming independent from Bitcoin price. And that’s great news, because it is the technology itself that is going to bring us solutions for many infrastructure problems in so many industries … Read More

Blockchain’s Next Frontier: Saving the Planet (and Possibly Pandas, Too)Observer
Impactio is a blockchain-powered platform tasked with connecting entrepreneurs, investors and subject-matter experts on social and environmental projects. It is focused on reducing the operational cost of finding projects … Read More

The World’s Biggest Insurance Market Will Go Online Next YearBloomberg
Lloyd’s of London, the insurance market founded three centuries ago, will write its first business electronically next year … Read More

Congo mine deploys digital weapons in fight against conflict mineralsReuters
Government officials in the Societe Miniere de Bisunzu’s mine in Congo are using blockchain technology to assure its clients that the minerals they purchase are not part of a blood-stained supply chain … Read More

Vanguard are testing a blockchain based FX platformFX Street
The investment giants Vanguard are testing a platform that will allow asset managers to trade currencies while avoiding the big investment banks via blockchain … Read More

Could Blockchain Help the Cannabis Industry? We’re About to Find OutObserver
A Uruguayan cannabis company has announced it will track marijuana sales via blockchain, allowing “the registration and tracking of cannabis strains from the seed to the final product… which ensures consumer safety while complying with regulations” … Read More

IKEA to Embrace Ethereum Blockchain After Morningstar & SantanderBlockonomi
IKEA has made use of the public blockchain to settle a transaction with an Icelandic company … Read More

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