Our top news headlines of the week including Economic Turmoil: The Chances and Challenges for Blockchain, and Amazon piloting blockchain technology for virtual care platform...

Our top news headlines of the week

Economic Turmoil: The Chances and Challenges for BlockchainCointelegraph
With the global economy in such disarray, there are opportunities for cryptocurrencies and blockchain to save the day – as well as how this technology is already making an impact … Read More

Deutsche Bank deploys DLT for custodial servicesFinextra
The bank has been piloting a DLT-based system designed to address the transparency requirements within many custodial services, such as around the tax processing of asset holdings … Read More

Rethinking the Limits of Parametric InsuranceInsurance Journal
Taking a closer look at where parametric insurance is headed and how a non-traditional, innovative mindset can influence the approach to pricing risk in today’s world … Read More

Amazon is piloting a virtual care platform as the company’s next big step into healthcareBusiness Insider
Amazon Care seems like it is destined for expansion to the general public. Amazon have teamed up with Berkshire Hathaway and J.P. Morgan Chase to create Haven, a joint venture insurtech which they plan to scale to the broader US insurance market … Read More

AI can streamline insurance claims – but at what cost?Financial Times
AI can help to cut administrative costs, potentially to the benefit of both insurers and their customers, as well as cutting back on fraudulent claims. However … Read More

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