The first risk transfer service built on blockchain infrastructure is launched, with marine insurance the first business line to try it out...

Eurapco and B3i Introduce Unity, a Risk Transfer Service Built on Blockchain Insurance Journal
What its creators say is the first global operational offering on blockchain infrastructure has been launched, enabling the transfer of facultative risks within a network of companies … Read More

Seven insurtechs to watch in 2021Insurance Post (subscription required)
2020 was an interesting year for insurtechs. Some might say a tipping point as there were a number of high profile withdrawals such as Buzzvault, Coverly, Lenny and Parasol; while on the flipside … Read More

How Blockchain Smart Contracts Are Reinventing the Insurance IndustryNasdaq
If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the world is growing increasingly unpredictable … The insurance industry needs to prepare itself for this increasingly volatile future … Read More

State Farm, USAA go into production with auto claims blockchainLedger Insights
After an auto accident, both party’s insurers communicate with each other and decide which driver is at fault … But that process of settling claims is rather manual and inefficient. And it involves reconciliations between the insurers. With a blockchain that shares the data, there should be no need for reconciliations … Read More

InsurTechs Galileo Platforms and Amodo partner in Thailand IBS Intelligence
InsurTech companies Galileo Platforms and Amodo have entered into a partnership. The collaboration is said to augur well for the Thai insurance sector looking to shape its post-Covid recovery … Read More

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