In another step forward, JPMorgan continues its blockchain development and demonstrates how it can work with IoT payments...

Blockchain lags behind other technologies in finance adoption for nowThe Block
Global fintech firm Broadridge Financial Solutions has released a new report on next-gen technology adoption amongst financial services firms. It finds that, of the four ABCDs of innovation (AI, blockchain, cloud, and digital), blockchain technologies are … Read More

JPMorgan’s blockchain payments test is literally out of this worldReuters
JPMorgan Chase & Co has recently tested blockchain payments between satellites orbiting the earth, showing that digital devices could use the technology behind virtual currencies for transactions … Read More

A look at blockchain in insurance (Podcast)RPC
Insurance Covered is the podcast that looks at the inner workings of the insurance industry with the help of expert guests. Our guest this week is blockchain expert and entrepreneur, Walid Al Saqqaf, and we will be discussing blockchain and its uses in the insurance industry … Read More

HSBC moves Corda Enterprise blockchain technology to the Google CloudAsset Servicing Times
The bank currently uses R3’s Corda technology for Digital Vault, HSBC’s custody blockchain platform. The move will cut client onboarding times from months to weeks, improving the client experience and significantly reducing costs … Read More

The Future Will Be DecentralizedBloomberg
As technology evolves, the most profound and destabilizing change is likely to be the transition from centralized internet services to decentralized ones. Centralized services typically are run by companies or institutions, such as Facebook, Twitter or Amazon … Read More

These Blockchain Projects Should Be On Your RadarEntrepreneur
As the blockchain economy continues to grow, new projects are emerging and working to make their mark in the space. One example is the decentralized finance (DeFi) movement, which emerged into the mainstream eye in 2020 and grew to over $50 billion … Read More

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