What is Blocksure Discovery?

Blocksure Discovery, part of Blocksure Ltd, is a community based knowledge and experience hub designed to educate, connect and inspire like-minded professionals interested in blockchain in insurance. 

Our mission is to make blockchain accessible to everyone by creating a learning community for the insurance industry where you can learn by trying the technology. 

Our team has vast insurance knowledge which enables us to translate and share our knowledge to help you understand why blockchain is perfectly suited to insurance and what it is capable of. 

Learn . Connect . Create

The three core pillars of Blocksure Discovery are: Learn, Connect and Create. We want to promote the opportunity to learn about blockchain, connect with like-minded people and create products centred around customer needs by embracing the benefits of blockchain technology.

Our goal is to focus on more than just the theory and technology of blockchain. Whilst understanding the basic concepts is important (and we do that too), we want to go beyond this and showcase the business applications of blockchain in insurance – how it works, what it looks like, what it means for you and how you can get started with it.  For more, watch our short video below.

Start your Blocksure Discovery journey

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