Discovery's top articles worth reading including how voice commands are being utilised to find suitable insurance, the development of bite-sized insurance and how it looks to take over the industry, along with a look at the global fintech landscape...

Customers can now use voice commands to find insurance on Samsung devicesFintech Global
Online life insurance broker Quotacy has joined Samsung’s Bixby Marketplace as a developer partner. Through this deal, consumers will be capable of using voice commands to shop for life insurance on their Samsung devices … Read More

C-Quence joins forces with Cytora to improve underwritingFintech Global
C-Quence is launching its P&C services in January 2020 and will leverage Cytora’s APIs to connect hundreds of property, location and other data attributes to each P&C submission to generate a clearer view of risks … Read More

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions promises greater contract certainty with launch of new global property policy frameworkStrategic Risk
The insurer aims to steal a march on its competitors with a new international insurance programme property policy framework, due to launch across Europe … Read More

Bite-Sized Insurance Is Taking Over the Insurance IndustryMedici
We’ve witnessed bite-sized financial instruments being provided by lending companies in the form of micro/nano loans and investment companies in the form of micro-investments. Now the insurance industry is following the trend … Read More

A look at the global fintech landscapeBusiness Insider
Since sprouting in the US and UK around 10 years ago, fintech has spread globally. Now, after years of proliferation, countries around the world are starting to see their fintech industries mature … Read More

Is Blockchain the New Ethical Gold Rush? MaybeThe New York Times
Advocates say tracing gold from mine to jewelry customer could help guarantee provenance, improve the lives of miners and reduce carbon emissions … Read More

Microsoft Is Using Blockchain to Help Firms Trust AICoin Desk
Much like consumers who are wary of AI, enterprises are queasy about putting their full trust in a “black box” where machine learning algorithms are indiscriminately applied to vast data sets. But Microsoft, which helps thousands of firms manage their data, claims a blockchain can add trust and a degree of transparency, assuaging such concerns … Read More

HSBC’s plan to move $20B in assets to blockchain could be a watershed momentComputer World
Investment bank HSBC Holdings is using a blockchain distributed ledger technology (DLT) to digitize transaction records of private investments, enabling clients globally to access the details of their assets online in near real-time … Read More

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