Our top articles worth reading including a ruling that could signal drastic change in finance and insurance, what execs want technology to do for their business and how brokers don't believe disruption will be detrimental to the insurance industry...

It’s official: cryptocurrency is property and smart contracts are bindingLegal Cheek
A host of top London legal names have penned an official statement confirming that cryptocurrency is property and smart contracts are, well, contracts — in a move designed to position England & Wales as a global fintech and lawtech leader … Read More

Five things reinsurance execs want technology to do for their businesses Intelligent Insurer
Blockchain will boost networking between brokers, companies, primary insurers and the reinsurance business … Read More

Ledger’s Vault Scores $150 Million in Crypto Insurance From Lloyd’s SyndicateCoin Desk
Ledger, the creator of the iconic Nano hardware wallet, is wooing institutional investors to use its technology to custody cryptocurrency for themselves with the help of big-name insurance broker Marsh … Read More

Understanding Decentralized IdentityThe Control
Blockchain technology offers the promise to revolutionize digital identity by returning ownership of personal data from companies and governments to individuals, such that individuals have the power to share their data with others and revoke it as they please … Read More

Many brokers don’t believe disruption will be detrimentalInsurance Business
Disruption in insurance is no longer viewed as the bully on the schoolyard, with more insurance professionals welcoming this process and looking forward to the change it will bring to the industry. For instance … Read More

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