Discovery's pick of the top articles and news bites featuring the UK's tech bailout amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Salesforce integrating blockchain into its CRM platform and how blockchain is being utilised for social media...

Salesforce Integrates Lition’s Blockchain into Its CRM PlatformCoinspeaker
Salesforce will now allow access to the Lition tech via its cloud system. Promoting transparency, the app will let Salesforce customers regardless of their size to record and hold information securely … Read More

How TikTok is Utilizing Blockchain to Tackle the Issue of PiracyRWaltz
Today, it’s no longer news that blockchain technology is taking over various industries. Yes, we’ve seen it disrupt the financial industry, healthcare, hospitality, agriculture and many more … Read More

10 Things Every Blockchain Engineer Should Know in 2020Coin Telegraph
Blockchain is no longer just the backbone of Bitcoin (BTC) or cryptocurrencies. It is more than that. Its application in various industries is as wide as the seas … demand for blockchain engineers increased by more than 500% between 2018 and 2019 … Read More

The inevitable future of blockchain in the enterpriseSearch CIO
The future of blockchain in the enterprise is still unwritten, but if your organization hasn’t started mapping a plan, it’s already behind. Here’s how to get your bearings … Read More

UK’s Tech Bailout Could Help Blockchain Devs Weather COVID-19 Shutdown Coin Desk
The UK government unveiled a £1.25 billion ($1.53 billion) rescue package for high-growth businesses, pledging £500 million in loans and £750 million in research funding to keep floundering startups afloat through the coronavirus pandemic … Read More

Decentralised working: How blockchain is helping IOHK weather Covid-19Verdict
While there are many companies developing software built on blockchain distributed ledger technology, IOHK has taken things a step further, by not only using the technology as a core focus on its business, but taking inspiration from it to structure and manage its business … Read More

Blockchain 3.0: Beyond Bitcoin and First-Generation Distributed LedgersThe Daily Hodl
Similar to the internet, which was at one point underrated in the early 1990s, it can be difficult to accurately predict the impact that blockchain technology will have on businesses in the coming decade … Read More

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