More picks of our top articles and news bites featuring Sony unveiling their blockchain project, how blockchain could be the answer to supply chain problems after the COVID-19 pandemic and a chat with the co-inventor of Blockchain and why he isn't Satoshi Nakamoto...

Blockchain Technology Simplified: The Key Insights Techi Expert
As technology is scaling great heights each day, perhaps the most recent achievement is the “development of blockchain”. The word ‘blockchain’ is creating a buzz all around in the digital world … Read More

Sony unveils blockchain database for sharing transport dataLedger Insights
Sony unveiled its Blockchain Common Database (BCDB) platform, which is being used as part of a transport service solution that provides users with information regarding optimal routes, fares, recommended means of transport and other services … Read More

China’s largest bank releases blockchain whitepaperCoin Geek
The bank, considered to be the largest in the world by assets, looked at the progress China is making in blockchain, the challenges that lie ahead and how it can integrate blockchain with emerging technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) … Read More

Co-inventor of Blockchain on Why He Is Not Satoshi NakamotoCoin Telegraph
Blockchain co-inventor, Scott Stornetta talks about the origins of the name “Satoshi Nakamoto” and why he isn’t him … Read More

UK-based Applied Blockchain Secures £2 Million in Capital via Round led by QBN CapitalCrowdfund Insider
Applied Blockchain’s management said it will use the funds raised to further develop its privacy-oriented solutions that assists firms with enhancing their data management processes … Read More

China’s National Blockchain Will Change the WorldCoin Desk
This week, China will officially launch a major new blockchain initiative called the Blockchain-based Services Network (BSN). The BSN is a critical part of China’s national blockchain strategy … Read More

The Government of Bogota Launches Free Online Blockchain CoursesCoin Telegraph
Sponsored by the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá, the “Bogotá Aprende TIC” program looks forward to strengthening innovation and developing a path to the future of new technologies in the city … Read More

How Blockchain Can Spark Efficiencies, Innovation in Small BusinessesNullTX
In front of the House Small Business Committee, Blockchain specialists from industry and science addressed how technology can strengthen operations, enhance cyber safety, and enable small companies across a wide range of fields … Read More

Target, General Mills Getting Look In At Hedera Blockchain Technology Through CouponingForbes
The Coupon Bureau, which includes big names such as Target and General Mills, will be adopting Hedera Hashgraph’s DLT to prevent coupon fraud as the potential of the technology continues to permeate the mainstream retail space … Read More

Blockchain could be a solution to supply chain problemsThe National
The World Economic Forum rolled out a guide for adding blockchain technology into supply chains after the pandemic revealed critical vulnerabilities in the nervous system of the global economy … Read More

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