We're back with picks of our top articles and news bites featuring the importance of interoperability to mass adoption of blockchain, considerations needed for choosing a Blockchain-as-a-Service provider, and developments on how the technology will be used by the insurance industry in South Korea...

Blockchain and Interoperability: key to mass adoptionFinextra
Blockchain‘s  potential for improving business processes, providing transactional transparency and security in the value chain, and reducing operational costs is obvious for many. Notwithstanding this the expected mass adoption failed to happen up till now. What has been holding blockchain … Read More

EIC awards €5M for social innovations based on blockchainEnterprise Times
The European Innovation Council (EIC) Prize on Blockchains for Social Good, has awarded €5M to six winners selected in a call to identify scalable, deployable and high-impact blockchain solutions for societal challenges. The goal is … Read More

Institutions will drive mass adoption of blockchain in financeCoin Telegraph
Benjamin Soh, founder of blockchain development firm STACS, said that institutional players, not business-to-consumer companies, will drive the mass adoption of financial infrastructure built on blockchain technology … Read More

Considerations for choosing a Blockchain-as-a-Service ProviderAppinventiv
A relatively new off-spring of the Blockchain technology, one that has begun manifesting in multiple industries is Blockchain as a service, better known as BaaS. Similar to cloud computing in concept, here vendors offer end-to-end management solutions as Blockchain service providers … Read More

Telcos launch blockchain service for insurance partnerCapacity
Three major telcos in South Korea have collaborated with an insurance firm to launch the blockchain-based Mobile Notification Service (MNS) for insurance customers … Read More

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