Here are our picks of the top articles and news bites featuring numerous pending and soon to be live use cases for blockchain and how businesses now see the technology as a "strategic priority"...

Singapore’s Blockchain Payments Platform Ready for Commercial Launch Coin Telegraph
The Monetary Authority of Singapore is ready to deploy its multi-currency blockchain payments project for commercial use. … Read More

European Blockchain Ecosystem Needs €350 Million for the Next 18 MonthsBitcoin
A study report by Leadblock Partners, an appointed representative of Sapia Partners LLP, finds an accelerating growth of the European blockchain ecosystem. About 60% of surveyed start-ups are now generating revenues, and of which 33% are generating €250k of recurring revenues … Read More

Blockchain ideal for coronavirus vaccine distributionBio Process International
Blockchain based supply chains would be better because they will instill trust for consumers, who during this situation may have heightened fears about safety and reliability within the supply chain. … Read More

R3 CEO starts LedgerEdge blockchain platform for corporate bondsLedger Insights
David Rutter, enterprise blockchain firm R3’s CEO, has started a corporate bond technology venture. LedgerEdge is building a platform and ecosystem for secondary trading in the corporate bond market … Read More

Blockchain now a “strategic priority” for businessCapacity
Adoption of blockchain-based solutions is increasing across the business world, with TMT, financial services and non-food manufacturing industries identified as leading the trend. Further, increased investment in blockchain and digital assets is now a top five strategic priority for organisations … Read More

Blockchain included in South Korea’s “New Deal” stimulusLedger Insights
The “new deal” aims to tackle the Korean economic crisis triggered by COVID-19 while laying the “groundwork” for long-term prosperity … Read More

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