Discovery's pick of the top articles and news bites featuring a cross-continental blockchain transaction, what Singapore are doing to become the heart of technology in Asia, details about China's plan to power global blockchain adoption and the return of Libra in 2020...

Inside China’s Plan to Power Global Blockchain AdoptionCoin Desk
China is about to launch its national blockchain platform, part of the country’s grand strategy to lead the digital transformation of the world economy … Read More

Libra Plans To Go Live This Year Following Proposals To Satisfy RegulatorsForbes
The Libra project launched last year with a proposal for a stablecoin, a fiat backed digital currency, with the support of Facebook and a network of global brands. The project did much to raise awareness of digital finance and … Read More

Blockchain utilized to make cross-continental transactionWorld Grain
In just a matter of days, a cross-continent commodity trade transaction of wheat from North America to Southeast Asia was completed by global agriculture supply chain partners utilizing a blockchain platform … Read More

Two Singaporean Bodies Merge to Promote BlockchainFinance Magnates
Singapore is considered to be the financial hub of Asia and its economy is driven by the financial services companies. Due to friendly regulations, the country is also suitable for blockchain industries … Read More

Brazil’s New Blockchain Data Tool Cost $250K, Runs on QuorumCoin Desk
Tasks like business authorization “that took many hours or days” under the old process “now can take even seconds, since data is available online … Read More

Blockchain Database Technology Provider FlureeDB Courts ISVs, SIs, VARsChannel Futures
The North Carolina startup provides a blockchain-based data platform for web3 innovation … Read More

Questions businesses need to ask before choosing a blockchain platformInformation Age
The use of the technology has found a home in supply chain management and cross border payments, and its further potential has all been laid out for businesses to see, but questions can arise regarding how they make the right decision? … Read More

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