Our picks of the top articles and news bites featuring Tesla completing a blockchain pilot, how blockchain's feature of traceability is being utilised more by major corporations and some free learning resources for our readers to learn about blockchain...

Japan designs blockchain-powered digital court for digital ageCryptopolitan
A team of researchers in Japan have designed a blockchain-powered digital court that would make settlement of disputes concerning legal agreements cheaper, faster, and more effective … Read More

Building a blockchain to verify COVID-19 dataGCN
The World Health Organization, in partnership with tech giants, government agencies and international health organizations, is building a blockchain-based control and communications system that aims to … Read More

Top 10 Free Resources To Learn BlockchainAIM
Blockchain is one of the trending topics in the area of research. In this article, we list down – in no particular order – ten free resources to learn Blockchain technology … Read More

Blockchain traceability overtakes payments among major corporationsCoin Telegraph
Multi-billion dollar companies are more likely to use blockchain for traceability and provenance than for payments and settlement, according to a new analysis of the Forbes Blockchain 50 … Read More

Tesla Completes Blockchain Pilot to Speed China Imports ProcessCoin Desk
U.S. electric car manufacturer Tesla is working with the Shanghai Port Group to test if blockchain can make the process of importing goods into China any easier … Read More

Real-life Examples of Blockchain-Based Digital TransformationSecurity Boulevard
Introduced in 2008 as the technology enabler for Bitcoin, blockchain can now address many challenges across a wide range of industries. Its architecture and built-in trust mechanisms make blockchain implementation a perfect way to collect, store and share data … Read More

IBM’s Growing Blockchain Networks Could Strengthen Our Supply Chain In Response To COVID-19Forbes
To make our global supply chains more resilient in the face of unexpected events, buyers and sellers need to rethink their approach in anticipation of future events. Blockchain networks could be the answer … Read More

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