What are the likes of Google, Microsoft, Apple and IBM developing in blockchain to integrate into their businesses and what are the new use cases coming to fruition in North America? Find out about this plus much more in our top articles worth reading...

Ontario Conservation Authorities Test Blockchain for Green Energy on Smart GridsCoin Telegraph
Insolar has developed a blockchain platform, Assured Ledger, which offers trusted data exchange for transactive energy systems … Read More

How Blockchain Impacts the WorldThe Merkle
In the beginning, blockchain was created as an economic experiment, giving birth to the first version of this technology, also known as blockchain v1.0. At that point, this new tech’s focus relied solely on … Read More

Big Tech in Blockchain: Comparing IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Google and MoreCoin Telegraph
The world’s largest technology companies have made concerted efforts to investigate and integrate blockchain technologies over the past few years. Partly driven by a massive boom in interest caused by … Read More

Blockchain fundraising in London: A ray of hope amid COVID-19 crisis?Cryptopolitan
Two blockchain-based organizations, Bank Account Based Blockchain(BABB) and CryptoAM.io have come ahead and collaborated for blockchain fundraising in London. The funds will be used to help the old age people and other vulnerable sections of … Read More

Blockchain Brings Transparency To Struggling Market For Texas GrainForbes
While blockchain applications are slowly launching around the world, this is one of the first opportunities to see how a shared ledger of transactions can result in valuable, real-time data that might otherwise take months to gather … Read More

3 blockchain books to distract in a Covid-19 constrained worldEnterprise Times
Three books, each in their very different ways, explore blockchain in a variety of setting, from the commercial to the invented … Read More

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