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Could blockchain eliminate payment fraud altogether?Raconteur
Distributed ledger technology certainly offers numerous benefits when it comes to payments security, but experts are adamant it won’t eliminate fraud altogether … Read More

Analysing the development of blockchain in the insurance sectorInsurance Business
When blockchain technology was first created by a small group of individuals, many banking systems stated they would never use it. That was partly due to … Read More

European Commission Defense Program Offers Grants for Blockchain SolutionsCoin Desk
A European Defense Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) tender, issued March 24, includes a 42-strong itemized list calling for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) to offer solutions that drive innovation and adapt technologies for civil and defense purposes … Read More

Making Sense of Blockchain: An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide Payments Journal
Blockchain has now become the talk of the town in technology and businesses over the past few years. It’s arguably the most significant innovation since the internet … Read More

Blockchain can help track stock provenanceVerdict
As blockchain technology advances, it is a key opportunity for supermarkets to adapt efficiently in spikes in demand and keep levels of concern for provenance low … Read More

Blockchain Africa conference shows continent is enthusiastic about new technologyToken Post
During the Blockchain Africa conference, several use cases were discussed including the challenges and solutions blockchain can deliver in the continent … Read More

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