Discovery's articles worth reading. Which technologies add the most value to the insurance industry? Also, how can smart contract adoption impact data quality? Find out the answers and more:

Which technologies add the most value to the industry supply chain? Insurance Business
The world of insurance is changing as new ways of doing business are making their mark on the industry. One only has to look at Lloyd’s of London’s dramatic overhaul plan – the goal of which is to become “the most advanced marketplace in the world” with the help of tech-enabled initiatives such as … Read More

Smart Contract Adoption to Increase Data Quality by 50% Over 3 YearsCoin Desk
When an organization adopts blockchain smart contracts, whether externally imposed or voluntarily adopted, they benefit from the associated increase in data quality … Read More

Industry Innovators Interview: BlocksureModern Insurance Magazine
After observing other insurance systems being designed with little thought for the consumer, Ranvir Saggu, CEO, took the chance to make it right. Founded in 2018, Blocksure focuses on the customer while also providing ‘exceptional back office processing’ for the industry … Read More

Indian Government Policy Think Tank Releases National Blockchain StrategyCoin Telegraph
A policy think tank of the Indian government … has released its national blockchain policy draft paper dubbed “Blockchain — The India Strategy” which explains different use cases of blockchain in India along with some conclusions from ongoing pilot projects … Read More

Lemonade is capitalizing on the burgeoning pet insurance market in the USBusiness Insider
US-based insurtech unicorn Lemonade is set to add pet insurance to its existing offering of homeowners and renters insurance … Read More

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