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Blockchain: The revolution that hasn’t quite happenedBBC
Imagine you are out shopping and get to the till but your card doesn’t work. It turns out that your bank has had a computer meltdown and none of its customers, including you, can pay for anything. But what if the till had access to a record of the balance on your credit cards that was updated anytime you bought something … Read More

Chinese Insurance Firms Use Blockchain to Process Coronavirus ClaimsCoin Telegraph
Xiang Hu Bao is not an insurance policy, but a blockchain-based collective claim-sharing platform that counts 104 million users. Per the report, blockchain technology is employed by the system to prevent fraud and allow for faster claim processing … Read More

The Five Ingredients Of Blockchain InteroperabilityForbes
2020 is the year that enterprise blockchain moves from the “Trenches of Deployment” and into the mainstream. Which means that, finally, it’s time to talk about interoperability … Read More

The ABC of Emerging Digital TechnologiesMedium
Domain after domain is being impacted in a revolutionary manner by a whole host of new digital information technologies. I believe that a good starting point for thinking about these changes is to simplify the narrative down to just three elements: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technologies, and Connected Devices … Read More

Blockhain, AI and the Wuhan CoronavirusUniversity of Oxford Faculty of Law
Blockchain and AI are now in frequent use by global tech companies and represent tools that can be used to better manage crisis situations. A private blockchain network would enable the recording and tracking of anything that is donated … Read More

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