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Blockchain in Insurance: 3 Use CasesInsurance Thought Leadership
Insurance, being one of the most conservative, centralized and walled industries, is awakening from its slumber and probing new technologies. Its shy yet solid interest in innovations, particularly in blockchain, is powered by customers’ increased distrust in centralized financial services, which … Read More

Blockchain 50Forbes
Blockchain started as a way to move bitcoin from point A to point B, but it is now being used by a host of big companies to monitor and move any number of assets around the world as easily as sending an email … Read More

Citi, Goldman Sachs Conduct First Blockchain Equity Swap On Ethereum-Inspired PlatformForbes
On Tuesday, January 28, 2020, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs quietly conducted what some will consider a historic transaction: the first equity swap on a new blockchain built using tools originally designed for ethereum … Read More

Paxos, Credit Suisse Claim First Blockchain-Based Settlement of US EquitiesCoin Desk
New York-regulated crypto startup Paxos, in conjunction with Credit Suisse and Nomura-owned broker-dealer Instinet, has claimed bragging rights for the first live blockchain-based settlement of U.S. equities … Read More

Can Blockchain Survive Mass Adoption? Coin Telegraph
Prediction can be a bit of a gamble. And when cryptocurrency and blockchain are involved, it wouldn’t be surprising to see people shying away from scrying experiments of any sort. Blockchain gets a bad rep because of its relation to Bitcoin … Read More

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