Cambodia to adopt blockchain payments for greater financial control? Are (re)insurers waiting for the right time before they move in on the insurtech bubble? How can the insurance industry be adjusted to make it run smoother? Read on for answers and more in our picks for the articles of the week.

Bank of Cambodia: We’ll Allow More Control With Blockchain PaymentsCoin Telegraph
Assistant Governor at the National Bank of Cambodia Serey Chea said that blockchain payments will enable greater financial control and remittance efficiency … Read More

Watching, waiting, acting on insurtech ‘bubble’Intelligent Insurer
While most re/insurers are now playing an active role in the insurtech space, either by partnering with startups or developing solutions themselves, a surprising number admit to … Read More

Japan’s Third Largest Bank Completes Blockchain Trade Finance TestCoin Desk
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC), the third largest bank by assets in Japan, is set to begin utilizing R3’s Marco Polo trade finance blockchain on a commercial basis by the end of the year … Read More

An Agent, Underwriter and Adjuster Walk Into a Bar… – ITL
Yes, delivering an insurance policy is far more complicated than sliding a Sierra Nevada across the bar, but I’d bet that, off the top of your head, you can think of several tweaks in insurance processes that would remove frustrations for customers … Read More

InsurTech investment surpasses 2018 totalThe Actuary
InsurTech investment hit $4.36bn (£3.38bn) across 239 deals in the first three quarters of this year – a 5% increase on funding for all of 2018 … Read More

Disruption? Blockchain Is About Co-EvolutionForbes
People often think of technology advances as disruption. Yet, they’re only disruptive to the people who are most comfortable with the status quo… After all, what’s disruptive about helping small businesses to access … Read More

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