The highlights of the week including blockchain trial in reinsurance successfully completes, Deliveroo on the challenges of new and intangible risks in the food sector, and how technology is changing the insurance industry for the better...

Challenger bank Starling Bank adds InsurTech company Nimbla to its SME marketplaceFintech Global
Starling Bank’s SME marketplace just added Nimbla, a digital insurance provider, to protect the challenger bank’s customers from the woes of unpaid invoices … Read More

Taking Stock Of FinTech Startups: Major Disruptors Or Mere Distractions?Forbes
Disruption is one extreme end of the change spectrum, with status quo being the other end. In between those extremes lie many stages and colours of change, which may not be readily visible, but … Read More

Technology Is Changing Insurance for The BetterEntrepreneur
The days of customers calling an insurance company out of the blue and getting a quote over the phone are fading fast. Customers today are digital natives and want the best rates from every insurer out there at the tap of just a few clicks … Read More

How Patrick Smith is managing Deliveroo’s intangible risksTribe
Technology, plus creativity and innovation are the catalysts for Deliveroo’s meteoric rise from start-up to a business that has transformed the food industry, and in just five short years. But it is the risk management story that is truly inspiring here … Read More

Reinsurance Group of America completes blockchain reinsurance trialLedger Insights
RGAX said it completed a blockchain proof of concept for reinsurance with Mutual of Omaha. The two used test data to trial the automation of reinsurance transactions using distributed ledger technology and smart contracts … Read More

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