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EU to Launch Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox by 2022Decrypt
The European Commission wants the EU to “become a global standard-setter” in the blockchain sphere… By making rules safer and more digital friendly for consumers, the Commission aims to boost responsible innovation … Read More

Is blockchain going to secure your digital identity?IT Pro Portal
To provide some context for all business leaders, organizations have previously managed digital identities in large, centralized databases. This makes them vulnerable to fraud, theft, and misuse. However, the decentralized nature of blockchain means that digital identities can now be managed independently … Read More

Lockdown is technology’s ‘moment to shine’Insurance Times (subscription required)
Technology has been crucial during the UK’s lockdown – this has accelerated platform on-boarding and searches for Insurercore, the insurance market’s risk appetite directory, which acts like a ’dating agency’ … Read More

Visa, Goldman Sachs join leading blockchain trade associationCoin Telegraph
Several leaders in banking, payments and politics are joining the Chamber of Digital Commerce, a major voice for the blockchain industry in Washington, D.C. … Read More

Allfunds unveils blockchain firmInternational Investment
Spanish firm Allfunds, the B2B fund distribution platform for wealth managers and banks, is introducing blockchain technology to increase fund distribution capabilities. The company says it’s already testing the technology in private sandboxes with major financial institutions … Read More

Permissioned Blockchain Will Lead To Unexpected Environmental Benefits Blue & Green Tomorrow
A number of new types of technology offer profound environmental benefits. Blockchain is one of the new developments that is helping reduce our carbon footprint in unanticipated ways. The biggest benefits include … Read More

Inside the blockchain developer’s mind: The vertical scaling crisisCoin Telegraph
Vertical scaling is how you manage the growth of a single node (computer) in a network. Blockchains are databases that never discard information. Information is only added to the database, never removed. This makes … Read More

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