Enter the new blockchain network which purportedly offers ultra-low transaction fees. Find out about this, how blockchain is being used to aid disadvantaged women entrepreneurs in Pakistan and more with Blocksure's latest news stories and articles in the insurtech space...

New blockchain offers minimal fees and fast transactions for DeFi appsCoin Telegraph
A new blockchain network says it serves as a much cheaper alternative to Ethereum, reducing costs for decentralized finance applications… the transaction fees paid by Ethereum users have been hitting record highs recently, with congestion on the network taking … Read More

Blockchain for good: lowering barriers for disadvantaged women entrepreneurs in PakistanPioneers Post
Technology can go in surprising directions. Take blockchain in Pakistan. The story of this software already reads like something from a particularly wild work of fiction. It was originally created to allow decentralised trading … Read More

Blockchain: The tool that can help Africans build the next Facebook, GoogleTechpoint Africa
Before now, much has been said about the possibilities of Blockchain technology, but the infrastructure in Africa has not been sufficiently developed compared to the rest of the world. Blockchain can contribute immensely… in the areas of budget tracking, financial inclusion, access to credit facilities, free and fair elections … Read More

Russia’s largest bank joins blockchain trade finance platformCoin Telegraph
Komgo is a decentralized trade financing startup that is developing a commodity trade finance platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. One of its purposes is to accelerate trade finance transactions … Read More

More Governments Will Use Blockchain Technology If It Adapts To Their NeedsWales247
Blockchain technology is one of the greatest innovations of the 21st century, yet so little of the world actually benefits from it right now. One of the reasons for this is the lack of government adoption, with only a handful of forward thinking nations adopting it in production so far … Read More

Technology & Innovation Awards 2020 – Insurance Times (subscription required)
Not even a pandemic could stop Insurance Times celebrating technology and innovation talent in the insurance sector, with the awards event held virtually for the very first time. Find out who won the 15 awards up for grabs, and all the reactions from the winners … Read More

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