Blocksure is back with our picks of the top articles and news bites featuring the growing examples of blockchain use in the insurance, finance and travel industries and the unveiling of a microinsurance marketplace in Hong Kong...

Fascinating Examples Of How Blockchain Is Used In Insurance, Banking And TravelForbes
It can also be used to formalize commercial relationships through smart contracts. This promises to revolutionize the insurance industry by helping to automate processes, facilitate smooth claims, and cut insurance fraud … Read More

My joyous but painful adventures in BlockchainCity AM
My focus shifted to understanding how blockchain can solve business problems. Where was blockchain being used in supply chain management? In identity management? In digital … Read More

Insurtech company YAS unveils microinsurance marketplace in Hong KongIBS Intelligence
Hong Kong-based regional InsurTech venture – YAS Digital Limited (YDL), unveiled today YAS, a microinsurance marketplace which utilizes innovative technologies such as 5G, AI, blockchain, data analytics, and open API, to reshape the insurance industry … Read More

UK Insurtech Trends – The Future of InsuranceBusiness Leader
Insurtech has been gathering momentum, but still hasn’t made the grand sweeping changes that many of us had hoped for. One of the few positive outcomes of Covid-19 is that it’s providing the opportunity for brokers and insurers alike to reconsider their operations from the ground up … Read More

B3i integrates with reinsurance accounting blockchain RitablockLedger Insights
Ritablock is a technical accounting solution that integrates with existing mainstream reinsurance accounting platforms such as PRORIS, SAP FS-RI and SICS … Read More

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