Blocksure Discovery's top articles worth reading including what the future of insurance has in store, concerns caused by the Apple Card and more information on the newly available open source regulator-friendly blockchain by Huobi...

Future of InsuranceBusiness Reporter
In a world rife with innovation and disruption, the insurance industry has long stood as one of the remaining bastions standing firm against forces revolutionising the way business has been done. As of late however … Read More

Banking tech could lead to discriminationThe Guardian
Advances in banking technology are putting vulnerable customers at risk of discrimination … The issue has gained fresh attention after an algorithm used to set credit limits for the new Apple Card sparked claims of gender discrimination … Read More

How Blockchain Is Helping The World’s Biggest Companies Innovate SecurelyForbes
Much like the internet, the rise of blockchain gives individuals and organizations the chance to achieve vast improvements in productivity … Read More

Unicorn of United Kingdom Reveals Blockchain Services to Different Industries Crypto News Z
Unicorn is using the Hybrid Smart Contract and technical solutions to adapt economic activities and smart contracts to the industries … Read More

Zego has become the first UK insurtech to get its own insurance licenseBusiness Insider
The insurtech was founded in 2016 and focuses on providing flexible and on-demand insurance coverage to gig economy workers … Read More

Huobi’s ‘Regulator-Friendly’ Blockchain Goes Open SourceCoin Desk
Huobi Chain, the regulator-facing public blockchain of exchange Huobi Group, is now open source and publicly available to all developers on GitHub … Read More

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