What challenges does blockchain face in 2020? Where can we expect the next Google or Amazon behemoth to come from? How is blockchain set to transform business? Find out the answers to these questions and more in our top articles worth reading...

Blockchain reality check 2020: Challenges and winning applicationsThe Enterprisers Project
As widespread blockchain experimentation continues, early winners are emerging among use cases in areas including finance and supply chain. Current challenges include ecosystems, trust, and governance … Read More

The next Amazon and Google will come up from the blockchain spaceEU-Startups
The potential implications of blockchain technology for virtually all business and internet areas has sparked excitement all over the world. Entrepreneurs, programmers and enthusiasts are coming together via specific internet platforms … Read More

This Is What a Productive Congressional Blockchain Hearing Looks LikeCoin Desk
The House Committee on Small Business hearing last week lasted only an hour, and only four members asked questions. But in some respects it was far more productive than an eight-hour hearing … Read More

Blockchain is set to transform the foundation of businessIT Pro Portal
Blockchain is more than a concept or innovative idea when it comes to managing contracts. It has the potential to provide automation, efficiency, security, savings and protection … Read More

Chinese Blockchain Pilot Processes USD 56m Worth of Int’l TradeCrypto News
A blockchain-powered trade finance platform developed by China’s foreign exchange regulator has already processed cross-border payments worth USD 56.36 million … Read More

Alibaba imports e-commerce platform adopts blockchain traceability systemCoin Telegraph
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba announced its import e-commerce platform Koala has updated its products to include a full-link traceability blockchain system … Read More

Toyota Unveils Blockchain Lab Investing Applications in Automotive IndustryBitcoin News
Transportation conglomerate, Toyota revealed the Toyota Blockchain Lab dedicated towards exploring the potential of the technology in the transportation sector … Read More

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