Blocksure OS is supported by Blocksure Ltd, with technical support provided as standard.  Our support team can be contacted by support tickets raised via Surelink and have an excellent record of customer satisfaction. 

For your node on the network, you can choose from:

  • your node being managed by Blocksure Ltd, or
  • you managing your own node

No knowledge of blockchain or distributed ledger technology is needed for either option.

The first option is suited for companies that lack dedicated IT departments, for example small brokerages.  With this option, Blocksure staff manage the hosting and future upgrades for you.

The second option is for companies who have their own IT operations staff and wish to manage their own node.  Blocksure provides the code for your company to run on your node. We include a step-by-step training guide to getting started, hands-on guidance from Blocksure staff to get set up and a monitoring console for your node. Your IT operations staff only has to become familiar with our tools; our tools take care of the rest, therefore knowledge of blockchain is not required. 

Category: Technical