One of our clients asked us:

“If in the future there would be a superior new distributed ledger technology (DLT), how much effort would it need to migrate to it, or would this be nearly impossible?”

Blocksure has experience of this, having completed a similar migration early in the product’s life when the move was made from Quorum to Corda. 

Any DLT migration would require careful consideration and effort estimation. The main complexity would be determined by how much of the core DLT logic (code which resides within the DLT node itself) could be moved to the new platform and if the Corda “flows” could be made to behave the same way in this new platform. The core business logic for the platform is kept separate to the Corda specific parts. 

That said, at Blocksure, we are delighted with Corda and have no plans to replace it! The context of our summary is simply responding to a client’s question.

As a wider point, we highlight that clients own their data, not Blocksure. Blocksure clients are able to extract their data at any time via Blocksure’s APIs, which:

  • exports data in XML, JSON or CSV file formats,
  • uses SFTP or HTTPS transport protocols, and
  • has a configurable number of records per export file.

Category: Technical