Our top news headlines of the week including work by The RiskStream Collaborative and consortium members on building a blockchain proof of insurance verification tool...

Why investing in blockchain builds better data power for better worldCoin Geek
Blockchain is undoubtedly the next major technology leap of our lifetimes, the most transformational development since the Internet. The power of blockchain lies in data, and the potential for applied data to create a better world … Read More

How could Blockchain technology change finance?Business Matters
Though Blockchain technology is new in the market. But due to its unique features, it has already started to bring revolution to different industries … Read More

Covid spurring insurers to work more closely with insurtechsThe Insurance Times (subscription required)
This is due to two reasons – firstly the need to adapt to regulation as well as be able to update policies and claims quickly. And secondly the threat from challengers … Read More

Thai Re “Insurer Network” Just Latest Example of Blockchain Innovation in ReinsuranceLexology
For several years now, the insurance and reinsurance industry has recognized the importance of blockchain, and its potential implications for cost savings, transparency, efficiency, accuracy, and to fraud reduction … Read More

RiskStream, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide working on blockchain proof of insuranceLedger Insights
Consider how construction companies or contractors are required to show they have insurance cover and the need to verify the coverage is up-to-date.  Insurtech startup Trustlayer is … Read More

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