The latest news stories and articles in the insurtech space featuring the US Postal Service's plans to utilise blockchain in the 2020 presidential election, Zurich partnering with a usage-based insurance proposition and the reasons why insurtech matters more than ever in a COVID-19 world...

10 Things You Want to Know About Blockchain Technology in 2021Customer Think
Technologies with open source software are not just transparent. They have the benefit of huge improvements by way of collaborations that add massive, valuable features on the top of the core software … Read More

USPS Files Blockchain patent to secure mail-in voting Independent
The ‘Secure Voting System’ patent application, published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office last week, describes how the same technology that supports bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could be used to “track and secure the vote by mail system” … Read More

Blockchain Interoperability: The Big PictureCoin Telegraph
Simplicity is directly proportional to efficiency; when there are fewer things to break, we expect that on average, even fewer things will do so. Asymptotically, decentralized systems are the embodiment of simplicity; they tend toward sustaining complexity and … Read More

Zurich partners with usage-based insurance propositionInsurance Times (subscription may be required)
The insurer has entered a five-year agreement for a usage-based insurance model with By Miles after observing a shift in consumers driving patterns during the pandemic and as lockdown unwinds … Read More

Why InsurTech matters more than everProperty Casualty 360
The insurance industry, like many others, is adopting intelligent, automated solutions that improve customer experiences, workforce efficiency, and the bottom line. In today’s world, these capabilities are essential to … Read More

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