Find out how Japan's insurance sector is utilising blockchain in the intermediated market, how JP Morgan are building on their blockchain and much more...

Japan’s SBI creates blockchain app to manage insurance agentsLedger Insights
SBI Nihon SSI has created a blockchain project to manage insurance intermediary or agent data. SSI includes home contents insurance, tenant insurance, motorbike or bicycle insurance, amongst others … Read More

The Advantages of Blockchain over Traditional PaymentsGlobal Trade
E-commerce is expected to surpass $4.6 trillion globally by 2022, with the seamless experience of e-wallets boosting its popularity. The simplicity of services like PayPal and Stripe has helped to improve customer experience while … Read More

InsurTech set to boost financial inclusion in NigeriaMorning Tick
In 2012, the Nigerian government launched the National Financial Inclusion Strategy based on data from 2010. From the data, the country had 46.3% of people who were untapped in the financial system … Read More

Blockchain’s New Standard BearerForbes
J.P. Morgan detailed the first use of JPM Coin for cross-border commercial payments this week. Onyx, the bank’s blockchain and digital currency development business, is close to commercializing their efforts … Read More

Researchers question what ‘trustless’ actually means for blockchainCoin Telegraph
Blockchain allegedly eliminates the need for trust — but how far is this notion actually true or helpful? Crypto community members will likely be familiar with mantras such as “Don’t trust, verify!” or the “law of code.” Both refer to the promises of greater transparency … Read More

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