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Future Focus 2030: The eco-system revolutionInsurance Post (may require subscription)
The insurance eco-system has evolved as quickly in the 10 years since 2020 as it had previously done in the last century, a pace of change that has left some behind but should have been no surprise given the corporate landscape at the beginning of the decade … Read More

Airbnb says Crypto, Blockchain key to future successNairametrics
Blockchain is arguably the next big thing after the emergence of electricity and the internet. It has started transforming businesses at an unimaginable rate, and those who have not been using the technology are now trying hard to get acquainted … Read More

Blockchain Could Work To Provide Safer Financial InstrumentsNasdaq
Blockchain can serve as a layer for the regulators to trace and monitor the status of the financial products, as a matter of routine, and to get early warnings of potential risks … Read More

Japan’s Banking Giant MUFG Plans to Launch Blockchain Payment Network in 2021Coin Desk
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), one of the largest banking institutions in Japan, is set to launch its high-speed blockchain payment network with the U.S.-based tech firm Akamai … Read More

VMware introduces enterprise blockchain platformFinextra
With VMware Blockchain, businesses are provided an extensible and scalable enterprise-grade platform to unlock data silos and free up data to flow securely, privately and instantaneously … Read More

Etherisc to develop a blockchain-based crop insurance for Kenyan farmersLedger Insights
On 14 November 2020, the German decentralized insurance startup Etherisc announced it’s working on a blockchain parametric crop insurance platform for smallholder farmers in Kenya. The objective is for weather events to trigger insurance payouts automatically … Read More

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