Blocksure took part in the ACORD Insurtech Innovation Challenge. Find out what happened at the virtual event and more from the latest news in the insurtech space...

ACORD InsurTech Innovation Challenge London Names WinnerPR Newswire
ACORD, the global standards-setting body for the insurance industry, today announced the winner of the 2020 Challenge. Virtual i Technologies, a patented platform for risk assessment and loss adjustment, was among 12 startups who presented their innovations virtually … Read More

All fintech companies will use blockchain within 10 yearsCoin Telegraph
Australian government report on the future of fintech and regtech suggests blockchain technology is critical to Australia’s future … Read More

Blockchain helps enterprises stay nimble in turbulence and uncertainty: R3 Data Quest
So far, active applications of blockchain technology have been gaining the most traction in the financial services, trade finance and supply chain, and insurance industry in India. R3 is an enterprise software firm that is pioneering digital industry transformation … Read More

Regulated Blockchain: A New Dawn in Technological Advancement Entrepreneur
Blockchain technology has been deployed in the medical industry, engineering, and most importantly in the financial industry. But one thing stood out, governments and a lot of investors were at best, wary of the wholesome adoption of the technology. The reason being … Read More

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