Using Blocksure as a starting point for a new venture?



Have been looking at DLT and Insurance over the past 3 weeks for a broker wanting to start a new business.
I noticed Corda is the go-to platform for the industry and passed the Corda Dev exam to become more acquainted with the technical side of things.

But why build what is been built already and in that respect I approached other starting Corda based parties but they are in prototype stage and got no answer to my inquiries.

Through the R3 marketplace I landed at Blocksure and really really like what I see.
Is there a way to use the Blocksure OS as a starting point for an integrator in the insurance space?


  • Chris Alba Hamilton

    That's great to hear that you're so positive on the possibilities of Blocksure OS. We went to production in summer 2018 and have been refining and adding to the product featureset ever since.

    Yes, using Blocksure OS as a starting point for an integrator in the insurance space is a potential play as long as the commercial terms work for both parties.

    Which insurance sector(s) would you be targeting initially?

    Any particular countries or regions that you would focus on?

    Chris Hamilton
    CTO, Blocksure

    • mulderb

      Thanks Chris for the quick response!

      If you don't mind I would rather discuss the details elsewhere ;-)
      But it is very good to hear confirmation of my initial thought.


  • Chris Alba Hamilton

    No worries, I have now emailed you directly.

    (The intention of my questions in a public forum is in the spirit of community building, to connect current and future readers in the same region as you, who may be interested in joining that network of nodes / using your product.)