Insurance broker – get started with blockchain


I work for an insurance broker and blockchain is becoming a topic of conversation but I’m not sure I know where to start.   Can anyone give me some guidance?

  • H_Landry

    I found this when I first started looking into blockchain and it’s fairly common. There are some articles that talk about blockchain but you may find these a bit technical at first. I found this Reuters article to be quite helpful and it helped me understand some of the stuff I didn't understand in the beginning about blockchain - . It covers the basics of blockchain quite nicely, well for me anyway.

  • JWood67

    Thanks H Landry, I found this page useful as well. I definitely understand the basics now but I'm still yet to be convinced Blockchain is relevant for my business yet.

  • Malini Nagaria

    Essentially, if you are trading with an insurer and your system interacts with that insurer, or if you have a delegated authority, then blockchain technology would be of benefit to you.

    Malini Nagaria,
    Head of Blocksure Discovery