Launching a scheme on Blocksure


We are a broker based in the US and wish to launch a new scheme for a market niche that we’ve identified. One of our concerns is whether there are high setup costs.

  • Kevan Aubrey

    Blocksure has built the Blocksure OS platform with the aim that users can get on-board with little or no fuss and at a low cost. The costs are split into two: hosting and transaction costs.

    A) The hosting options are a choice of your company’s datacentre (if you have one) or on cloud platforms such as Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, etc (Blocksure will set this up for you). Computing costs on cloud platforms are charged "at cost" of the hosting bill from the cloud computing vendor (e.g. Google, Amazon or Microsoft) and these hosting platforms are competitively priced.

    B) Transaction costs (Blocksure platform fee) are kept low due to the nature of our platform.

    Kevan Aubrey, Blocksure

  • Kevan Aubrey

    There is no catch. The central part of the pricing model is a small transaction charge. Each contractual arrangement will have a pricing model based on the complexity of that facility -- the charging is at the transactional level and they are kept low due to the platform design with the removal and automation of some of the processes.