Integrating blockchain as a broker?


I have heard that blockchain technology can reduce the costs of transacting business. Surely this would mean adding another system or replacing an existing system and all the additional expense.

  • Malini Nagaria

    Your existing platform does not have to be replaced, thanks to the systems integration capabilities of Blocksure OS. Blocksure OS offers APIs for enabling integration with other IT systems from the domains of insurance, finance, analytics and more.

    Alternatively, if you wish to decommission one of your old systems - thus saving on its ongoing software licence and maintenance costs - we have a data migration and training methodology in place to support that in a managed, clear way.

    In terms of your reference to additional expense, the cost savings of Blocksure OS on back-office processing are so significant (50% to 90% cost saving) that a ROI can be quickly achieved.

    Malini Nagaria, Blocksure

    • JWood67

      That sounds like an impressive saving. But I’d still like to have greater confidence about how the system integrates with our existing platform.