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Regulatory & Compliance

Blocksure is a technology provider, not a regulated intermediary or insurer. Our partners are regulated, and we provide technology solutions that allow them to maintain and even improve compliance.

Management of digital identity within the DLT is a core component of the Blocksure architecture. Data security and privacy is intrinsic to the design, preventing unauthorised access.

In response to the right to be forgotten of GDPR, the embedding of identity keys in each data element can allow them to become inaccessible if the key is withdrawn

Customer data is held in a secure data store that is owned by each party. The data store is in the cloud, in a specific location, and is compliant with EU privacy laws. Access to it made dependent on authorisation.

Blocksure OS is GDPR compliant and meets the eight core tenets of GDPR. No personal data will be stored on the Blockchain. For other territories, outside the EU, we will adhere to local data storage requirements.

If you would like to ask us a question for us to answer, potentially for inclusion on this FAQ page, please contact us.